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CLS Closing 02 August 2011 / Posted at: 10 July, 20:47
Hi everybody,

We're sorry to bring you this news... but when the server lease is up 02 August, it will not be renewed. 

We sincerely hope you've enjoyed playing at CLS and being part of the community. We're happy if our project brought at least a couple people some entertainment and we're glad to have met some really great people along the way.

Once again, the server will be on-line until 02 August 2011.

CLS Team

New website / Posted at: 05 July, 16:11
Our new website is on-line!

Welcome to the new CLS website! Through our website you can explore our community, game features, and more.

This site is directly linked with the CLS server and communicates in real-time. Check player info, stats, conditions, or go into the forums for posting.

We'd appreciate any feedback you would like to give. In the meantime, enjoy your stay at CLS. We hope to see you in-game.

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